Electric Muscle Stimulation & Ultrasound Therapy in Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY

Accelerate Healing with Non-Surgical Muscle Stim & Ultrasound Therapy

Electric Muscle Stimulation & Ultrasound Therapy in Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy

Electrical Muscle Stimulation in Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY: Kaseman Family Chiropractic provides electrical muscle stimulation to patients in the Bronx, NY and surrounding areas. Electric muscle stimulation is a physical rehabilitation therapy modality that is used to stimulate muscle contractions using electrodes hooked up to an electric stimulation machine. These contractions help to control pain, manage inflammation and strengthen the muscle.

The electrodes are placed on the affected areas of the patient’s body around the neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle or wrist. The therapist will then adjust the controls of the machine until the patient feels a prickly sensation and is able to comfortably target the level of stimulation without burning, stinging or feeling a stabbing sensation. The stimulation will increase circulation and reduce swelling thereby reducing pain sensations.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound Therapy in Throgs Neck, Bronx, NY: Ultrasound therapy helps to reduce muscle pain and movement dysfunction. Sound waves deliver deep heat to the areas of the body that need treatment. As a result of the sound waves, the patient benefits from reduced stiffness, swelling and pain. Increased circulation and the promotion of pain free movement are positive effects of using ultrasound therapy.

Following ultrasound, Dr. Kaseman may provide gentle chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, stretching routines and rehabilitative exercises.

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