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What Patients are Saying About Our Practice…

An amazing doctor took really good care of me when I first came to his office. The office staff is awesome prompt efficient and accommodating to the patient’s needs. Highly recommend his services to those who suffer from back problems.

Reina M.

My dad and brother I recommend going to see to the chiropractor because they had back pain. I ended up going because I woke up with a pain that I be ever experienced and I took medicine for the pain but nothing helped. So I decided to head to my doctor and he gave me a referral to see a specialist. At the specialist office I waited foot about an hour and half. When called in the specialist didn’t look at me or even examine me. He said if it doesn’t bother you don’t bother it. I was surprised and shocked. I ended up calling  Dr Kaseman and made an appointment the same day. I went in and told Dr Kaseman what the problem was and he immediately knew what was  wrong and treated me  on the spot. One treatment and that’s it. No more pain. I am very happy I went to Dr Kaseman. I highly recommend Dr Kaseman.

Ronnie O.

A very humble and knowledgeable man that Dr. Kaseman is. A highly recommended Chiropractor for anyone. My wife and I felt extremely great after our first consultation and looking forward to ones to come. Thank you Dr. Kaseman.

Erick B.

He is a great Doctor , I always feel great when I see him,

Emibel R.

Today was the first time I’ve ever been to a Chiropractor and my first experience was great. Both the front desk assistant as well as Dr.Kaseman were so professional and nice. There was no wait. My appointment was at 10:30am and I was seen at that exact time. They also introduced me to a masseuse name Liz. She was a sweet heart as well. Glad I chose this office.

Tiffany R.

I’m so elated my friend recommended me to see Dr.Kaseman. I had severe pain in my left shoulder for 5 days i was on continual pain killers. I saw him 2 days ago & guess what i’m not taking any pain medicine. The pain is 90% gone. I would gladly recommend him to anyone that wants to get rid of muscle pain & in need of therapy as pain management.

Deborah B.

After 5 sessions my pain is completely gone! Don’t hesitate if you have pain, Dr. Kaseman will help you.

Location: the clinic is at E Tremont Ave. The clinic is a house that was renovated to a clinic. There is few seatings inside, very clean.

Checkin: You have to check in on the desk by writing your name. No waiting time. After signing I always immediately called for my treatment.

Employee: Dr. Kaseman is very professional, explains well the condition and treatments. After 5 treatments, my pain is gone as if nothing happened. He will tell you when treatment is done, unlike other clinics that they want you to keep on coming back. Front desk are nice and helpful.

Definitely will come back here for future treatments! Dr. Kaseman helped me remove my pain.

Mark M.

Dr. Dave and staff always treat me with the utmost care and professionalism. The best in the biz!

Philip S.

As soon as you come in the receptionist greets you with a warm friendly greeting. The process was very smooth. Dr. Kaseman is very knowledgeable from years of experience and examines and explains your condition thoroughly, which lets you know you came to the right place. He has a very kind and warm demeanor that makes you feel comfortable. After treatment and being adjusted I feel great! Definitely give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Salena L.

Today i called around 11 a.m to see if someone can see me because i was in such excruciating pain . The receptionist was very nice over the phone and told me to come in today in the evening since i was still at work . When i got there i met the chiropractor , Dr. Kasemen which greeted me very nicely and made me feel very comfortable. I cannot believe i walked out of the office with no pain after all the pain i walked in with. Practically in tears! I am so thankful and the prices are sooo worth the visits. I will be going 3 times a week to better my pain. I am very pleased and thankful!

Mimi T.

If you ever need a Chiropractor, Dr. Kaseman’s the one, welcoming and professional staff. I highly recommend….

Griselle O.

What a fantastic place. Dr. K. is very knowledgeable and he knows exactly what needs to be done to help you with your pain. My whole family goes to him now!!! Even my 9 year old son who has severe sensory processing issues. He takes his time to explain what your symptoms mean and what his plan is to achieve relief. The staff is also very friendly!!! Dr. K. Knows what he is doing…..definitely check him out!!!

Michael J.

My first time visiting this business but not my last. Every one was pleasant and helpful. I was seen on time with little waiting. Dr. Kaseman was very informative and knowledgable. He was eager to answer any questions and listened to my concerns. I am looking forward to my visits with him and feel confident I will see improvements with my conditions.

Regina D.

I have severe turning of the head for the last 4 years. I have been to every type of doctor with no relief. In 4 sessions I’m feeling much better. I have a better range of motion, dramatically less pain and less turning. Dr. Kaseman is very knowledgeable about the body and treatments. I’m definitely looking forward to more treatments and getting back to normal.

Professor K.

I know Dave since we were kids at the throggs neck little league any thing he does it is good. Good luck Dave see you soon for an adjustment your friend Eric !!!!!!!

Eric O.

My boyfriend has been coming to Dr. Kaseman for a while now, and kept recommending I go too. I am a hairstylist so I’m on my feet all day and lift heavy weights at the gym daily, therefore I do suffer from all sorts of back pain. Dr. Kaseman made me feel very comfortable, asked lots of questions, and explained what he was going to do step by step. He was honest, and even explained how my back would feel afterwards.

He was very professional throughout the whole visit I was a little nervous since it was my first time so I didn’t know what to expect. My back immediately felt better after, and continued to feel better throughout the weeks. It helped me for menstruation lower back pain as well. It was truly life changing for me. I will definitely be following up for future appointments. HIGHLY recommended!!

Tina M.

I was apprehensive about seeing chiropractor. Nothing against them. Never been to one before so I was nervous.

Arrived early just in case I was late. As soon as I walk in Front desk was welcoming and provided me paperwork I needed right away. Decorations was festive and the fireplace made the room nice and cozy.

Dr Kaseman himself was like meeting a long lost uncle. He was friendly and welcoming. I informed him what prompted my visited and pass history. He was very informative and asked permission before evaluating me. Throughout the whole process is felt like a learning experiences. As he going over these areas of concern, it helped me registered why I had pain and what was causing it.  Can’t wait to work on improving my posture and over body functions.

Carlie S.

I have been coming for 3 weeks . I feel so much better . They are professional , pleasant , knowledgeable and clean ! I have recommended my family and friends . There is little to no wait . Dr. Kaseman explains everything and there is a great massage therapist as well . My back has not felt better in years !!

Mel R.

So happy that I was recommended to come here! Dr. Dave is very personable and explains everything he does, and answers any questions you have. My pain has been diminishing due to the procedures I have had. I also purchased a massage package, and my first one was incredible! I am looking forward to the next one. The staff is wonderful, and you never have to wait for your appointment. Make sure to pay him a visit if you need relief from your pain!

Suzanne O.

Dr Dave is great. Very warm welcoming and personable. As are the front desk staff. They are always smiling and very friendly.

Steven C.

Just a quick note of thanks to Dr. Kaseman! My back and neck truly feel better. I will highly recommend your practice to anyone who needs chiropractic services.

Christina H.

This is the best chiropractic place, visited many others prior to finding this one, and let me tell you that, not only are the staff wonderful accommodating you, but their personalities are great, and now for the best part, Dr. Kaseman understands your pain, he listens, his techniques are wonderful, I was very much satisfied with his treatment, felt better from the first appointment, too bad I live in another state right now, cause I have not found anyone like him. Best place ever

Ginny B.

I always have been hesitant to see a chiropractor, but Dr. Kaseman and his office staff were great. They were very professional and helpful. Dr. Kaseman was very knowledgeable and explained what was going on with my back. His therapy helped me feel less pain which helped me to begin the healing process.

Joseph R.

I learned so much that I didn’t know from my visit about my neck and back. This was long overdue for me to go to a chiropractor and I’m glad I was able to find one in the Bronx. Dr. Kaseman explained everything in detail and I got a lot of information to help me to maintain my neck and back. Dr. Kaseman was very nice and professional. I didn’t feel rushed at all. I look forward to going back for further treatment.

Regina I.

Dr. Dave is a gentle man I could not walk and he got me walking again. He explains what has to be done. I recommend him to everyone I know. You wont be sorry. Dr. Dave is the best. The staff is very friendly and attentive.

Lauren A.

Employees at the front desk were nice and inviting. Dr Kaseman was very professional and personable. He came across as very competent and caring.

If you have long hair, I advise you to put it up so it doesn’t interfere with your treatment/adjustment.


Just had an electrical stimulation (first time) and chiropractic adjustment in hopes of calming this irritated back of mine. The people here are so awesome. Super friendly, Never have to wait long in the waiting room- and they were able to take me in today after just making a call first thing this morning. Highly recommend Kaseman if you’re in NYC or Westchester county!

David R.

My first visit to Dr. Kaseman Chiropractic Office was very satisfying. Dr. Kaseman examined my back and explained to me cause of my pains. First of all, I have an S shape spine that causes pressure on my disks. He explained to me how he was going to loosen some of that pressure. After my visit I felt a little taller, I’m sitting down straighter and I’m able to tug my lower tummy. Feeling a little better. I’m looking forward to more visits to alleviate more of my back pains. I’m so glad I found your website.

Sonia O.

Great care and attention is given. There was a huge improvement in my back pain after 1 visit.

Kim C.

My experience with Dr. Kaseman was one of the best I’ve had with a medical professional. Dr. Kaseman took the time to listen and really understand my concerns and reason for visit. He took the time to explain the course of treatment every step of the way which helped to ease my mind.

Alexis R.

The best place to go. Everyone is so professional and friendly. I send everyone there.

Robert L.

I’ve taken my son(12) to see Dr. Kaseman twice before and every time he had my son smiling at the end of the appointments. This time around I had to partake in now being the patient. Dr. Kaseman is informative has awesome interpersonal skills when it comes to making the patient feel comfortable. This was my first time and I will continue my care as well as my sons care with him!

Nikita D.

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I am glad that my first experience was a great one. Dr. Kaseman is very knowledgeable and professional. The staff are very friendly. I would recommend Kaseman Family Chiropractor to my friends and family.

J R.

Five stars are not enough to rate the quality of care and customer service that I received at KFC! Dr. Dave is one of the most knowledgeable, candid, practitioners I’ve “ever” received care from. He really takes his time to educate the patient and target the area to be treated with precision. Did I mention he made me feel 200% better in just three short visits?!! The staff is just as pleasant and the massage therapist on staff has the hands of an angel! If you are in need of care and want quality and professional service – this is the office for you! Thanks again Dr D, job well done!!

Niosha G.

Dr. Kaseman was AMAZING. He’s extremely informative and took his time in demonstrating why certain body parts hurt. I didn’t feel rushed or dismissed and he made sure that all of my concerns were heard. Most importantly his treatment and readjustment left me feeling brand new. His office is clean and organized; I went during my lunch break and I was immediately seen. If you want a good chiropractor I recommend Dr.Kaseman.

Jennifer C.

For only being here 3 times I have already felt relief! Being a hairstylist and on my feet all day long seeing dr kaseman has been incredible ! I highly recommend him! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming!

Amanda S.

I am very happy with my experience. The receptionist was warm and kind. As a new patient intake was quick and smooth. Dr. Kaseman has a professional, intellectual and kind demeanor. He was direct and efficient in consulting and implementing treatment.

Lorisa V.

Very professional and attentive to the patients needs, concerns and questions.  The Doctor explained everything he was doing before hand so I knew exactly what to expect.  Highly recommend this location for any chiropractic needs you may require.

Marlon E.

I’ve had my share of back and neck problems from 43 yrs in martial arts and construction. I’ve been to chiropractors before but never was one more caring and eager to help you. Dr Kaseman is by far the BEST in the business. He is a big reason I’m still able to do martial arts and construction today at 54 yrs old. Thanx Doc.

John O.

So last night i had my first pre-natal massage with lisa..let me tell you that she is not only super friendly but she made me feel very almost 7months pregnant and last night was the first time in months that i actually slept through the night..i will definitely be back to relax again!!

Chrissy N.

Dr. Kaseman is very knowledgeable and treats his patients with respect and is friendly. Before your treatment begins he explains everything to you in detail and what he will be doing with your particular ailment that you are experiencing. I would highly recommend him. His office staff are very friendly and helpful as well.


I have been living with mild to moderate back pain for about a year. Periodic adjustments, IASTM (know as graston technique) and practical advice have brought about total relief! I am blessed to be a patient of Dr. Kaseman.  I highly recommend him to anyone seeking  chiropractic care.

Vianney M.

Been going to Dr. Kaseman for years and he is excellent. Gets you in and out of your appointment except for that rare occasion unlike most docs who have you waiting even though you made the appointment. After his treatments my back feels amazing which usually takes 3 visits. Very understanding and helpful.

Douglas M.
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