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Kaseman Family Chiropractic

3505 E. Tremont Ave

Bronx, NY 10465


Seen Dr. Kaseman last Saturday with left hip and lower back pain.  On Sunday I was able to run a half marathon in just over 2 hours, with no hip or lower back pain thanks to Dr. Kaseman.  I am 46 years old and Dr. Kaseman has let me keep a very active athletic lifestyle. 

- John E. L.

I first walked into Dr. Kaseman's office on a gloomy, stormy friday afternoon.  Yet, the only downpour I could feel was that of my migraine.  Weathered, and now at my wits end, I took a colleague's suggestion to try her chiropractor: after all, he was my last resort.  Yet Friday, January 27, 2012 will forever be embedded in my life as the 30 minutes that changed my life!  Affected by a mini-stroke 17 months ago, I've lived with daily headaches and an array of prescription drugs and medical testing and tribulations that have left little more than a semblance of my former self.  in just one visit, I have regained much more than physical mobility in my spine and neck.  This miracle worker, Dr. Kaseman, has unknowingly given me a whole new outlook on life:  This the first day of the rest of my PAIN FREE EXISTENCE!!.  Thanks Doc, from the bottom of my heart

-Maria L


I have suffered from headaches and migraines sine i was 13 years old.  Now at 24 years old, no doctors have been successful in alleviating my pain.  Dr. Kaseman from the 1st appointment has done what I thought was impossible, which is getting rid of my headaches.  On top of that not only do I feel better, but I feel I am at my best!  He has gotten rid of pains I didn't even realize I had.  I would strongly recommend him to everyone and anyone!  He is fantastic!

          -Cyndee O 

Following recommendations from my wife and a family friend, I started seeing Dr. Kaseman in Jan. 2011.  I was unable to walk without the aid of a cane and I had tremendous back pain due to a protruding disc as shown in an MRI (and) x ray (SP).  After treatments by Dr. Kaseman, I now am able to walk without a cane and have hardly any back pain.  I feel I am 80% improved.

 -Frank K.


I first came to Dr. Kaseman two years ago with extreme lower back pain and pain shooting straight down my left leg to my foot.  This pain extremely limited my movement and usually active lifestyle.  I literally walked into his office stiff and bent at a 45 degree angle.  Within a few weeks of regular visits, pain was reduced.  Six months on, I was almost completely back to normal function. 

Thanks to Dr. Kaseman, I'm able to ride a bike again and lead a lifestyle as active as it was before the pain.  I highly recommend him for his skillful practice, thorough knowledge and most importantly, caring, understanding and compassionate manner.

                 -Richard B. 


The best!  Dr. Kaseman is (the) "Man of the Year"!  He cares more about his patients than any other chiropractic office I've known in the past!

            -Rich M.


After my first visit I could feel the difference in my back not waking in the night with pain and stiffness.  (I) Also could feel more explosive in the gym.  (And) I noticed that I was taking much less Advil.

           - William P.

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